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Rock’n’swing Dance Club Break ry

Welcome to our websites! Rock’n’swing Dance Club Break ry, closely called as ”Break”, is a local dance club specialized in Swing dances in Jyväskylä. Our most popular dances are currently West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Rockabilly, Boogie Woogie, Bugg and Fusku. In addition, we also may have nonregular classes from other swing dances.

Swing dance classes in Jyväskylä, spring 2021

Note! Because of covid, spring season will start in april the earliest.

Monday  17.45-19.00 West Coast Swing intermediate 12 times

Monday  19.30-20.45 West Coast Swing competition 12 times (separate price coming) feat Hanna Tuominen

Wednesday 17.45-19.00  West Coast Swing advanced 12 times

Wednesday 19.30-20.45  Fusku/Bugg intermediate 5 times each. 

Thursday 17.45-19.00 Rockabilly intermediate 12 times

Sunday 16.00-17.15  Lindy Hop advanced  5 times teaching and 10 times practice (separate price coming)

Sunday 17.45-19.00  Boogie Woogie beginners 12 times 

You´ll find prices here

Dancing ballroom is situated close to the city centre (address: Polttolinja 1, Jyväskylä). You are welcome with or without a partner!


Membership of Break

Weekly classes are basically for members of the club. You are warmly welcome to try out the classes one time before paying annual membership cost. The membership cost (10 €) will be charged from you (email invoice) after you have given your information for the club register by filling up the membership form or sent information via email to In the email, let us know the following information:

Your name (first / last)
Street address
Postal code and post office (in Finland)
Date of birth (optional)
Year of membership
Other information of you, greetings etc…

As a member of Break, you will have discount from Break’s workshops, events and services/products.

Social Dancing

In addition of weekly classes, we have  social dancing 1-2 times in a month, where DJ plays rock and swing music for different swing dances. For more information about the dates will be found in Facebook.

No entrance fee nor membership required!

We warmly like to invite you to join with us! Let’s rock and swing! :)

For more information, please send email to